Tailor-Made Solutions
For a Connected World

Empowering Banks and Fintechs with cutting-edge
payment solutions.

What Taly brings you

Taly enables you to easily issue, manage, and
process physical and virtual cards.

Our unmatched flexibility, data-richness, and
ultra-secure APIs, let you integrate smoothly,
design, deploy, and customize programs, rapidly.

  • Point of sale
  • Payment Gateway
  • Pay link
  • Supplier lending,
  • Cash collection solutions (cash, digital, both)
  • Lending
  • Installment collection
  • Tokenization
  • Recurring payments management
  • Plain vanilla
  • Payment gateway for FIs
  • Aggregator solution
  • Telecom solution
  • VCN
  • Prepaid
  • Debit, Credit & Corporate cards
  • Consumer and Merchant Wallet