A seamless digital
ecosystem that connects
you with your network

From deeper data to better customer relationships,  Taly is shaping the future of corporates

Your corporate bundle comes with all the tools you need to run
and grow your business.

Track, monitor, settle
and send your digital
invoices from one

Operate your business
the modern & digital way

Instantly receive your funds and control your
payments, collections, and cash flow

Manage and issue
your cards

Connect with your
merchants and help
them succeed.

Offer your merchants a bundle that will cater to their business
needs and allow them to thrive in the economy.

Digitalize your
company’s payments

Receive settlements instantly on your digital account
Save time and reduce cash collection risks and costs
Enhance your customer’s experience
Get better customer insights
Digitize the manual collection process
End-to-end digital experience

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